Hip Fracture

Hip Fracture Surgery

Hip fractures are a common orthopedic injury, especially in older patients who are more likely to fall and have weaker bones.  Depending on the patients age and location of the fracture, the surgical treatments can vary.  In some cases, the fracture can be repaired with plates, rods, or screws.  In other cases that have poor healing potential, patients are treated with partial or full hip replacement.  The goal of surgery is to provide a stable hip joint, and in most cases patients are allowed to bear full weight on the injured hip after surgery.  As hip fracture patients are typically older with medical comorbidities, Dr. Maher has a hospitalist team help co-manage their care while in the hospital.

f you are interested in learning more about hip fracture surgery, please contact our New York City office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nolan Maher to discuss treatment options for your hip pain.

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